Project Purpose and Need

The Public Realm - Park, Playstead, Municipal Complex Plan 

In 2015 the Town of Andover Planning Board published this document for the development of the park, playstead, and municipal complex. During 2013 to 2015 information was gathered from a public planning process. This report is a summary of that process.


Prior Studies

Previous research, design and Analysis

Imagine Andover

September 2016

The Town of Andover asked the The International City/County Management Association to provide fresh insights and candid advice to evaluate the downtown area and make recommendations for revitalization. The work product Town officials sought was a “comprehensive playbook” of best practice recommendations focusing on a sense of place and destination. What makes a great destination downtown? A sense of place for who? What assets does Andover have to leverage? What defines and distinguishes Downtown Andover? The Project Team set out to answer these questions and more.

Andover Master Plan

July 12, 2025

2012 The Master Plan draws from, and in some cases, defers to other Town planning documents. It does not intend
to replace other Town plans but instead complements and incorporates those plans into one broad document. The overall objective is to provide the Planning Board with the tools and information to make decisions and guide future growth in a managed and conscientious way. It is also a document that may be referenced by Town Staff, the Board of Selectmen, the Finance Committee, and Town Meeting attendees.

New playground opens in downtown Andover

Sep 21, 2017

Kelsey Bode 

A handful of happy tots, kids, and parents can be found at Andover Center Playground any sunny afternoon these days. Kids have their choice of sliding down slides, climbing on ropes, or playing amid imitation bark and a beaver statue. 
The park is perfect for kids who live or visit the downtown Andover area. Just ask Annie Huffer, 3, an Andover resident, who visited the park recently with a family member. Annie's favorite feature of the playground is the slides.

Andover Athletic Fields Study

June 27, 2017

The Town of Andover implemented a study of their existing active recreational spaces (fields) to understand where the Town was deficient on field space. There had been complaints about playing surface characteristics from various user groups and the Town wanted to understand how its existing field quantity and maintenance of field space compared to a desirable program. An analysis was completed that reviewed  number of fields and sizes to Andover’s typical annual programs. Along with this analysis a comparison of existing maintenance practices to recommended maintenance practices was completed

Downtown Andover Parking Study

January 2016

In the spring of 2015, the Town of Andover kicked off a parking study in the downtown area. The purpose of the study is to analyze existing parking supply and demand in the downtown, review existing parking management practices, and recommend economically feasible alternatives to meet future parking needs and support economic development.

Park master plan preserves feel of Andover Town Common

Jun 7, 2015

ANDOVER — After months of concerns over the future of the war memorials at The Park, a final master plan that won approval last week is being heralded for both honoring the monuments while allowing for updates to the popular town common.

Veterans Director Michael Burke commended Senior Planner Lisa Schwarz for a job well done after the Planning Board unanimously approved a future blueprint for the 20.4-acre parcel at the intersection of Bartlet and Chestnut streets.


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