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An Ice Cream Social

First, we would like to thank everyone who came out to our final town meeting! We did get some imperative feedback! This was our largest turnout to-date, possibly because we offered ice-cream but more likely it was the information and exposure of the project that came with the survey. The survey provided some great feedback, as of the town meeting, (07/18) we had 549 responses. The survey is now closed, with 557 responses and results are in!

The final meeting was focused on presenting the survey results thus far. Questions and comments were taken during the presentation, which left very little to be said at the end. Ron did a great job presenting and leading the discussion, which lasted over three hours! Understandably, not everyone was able to stay the entirety of the meeting, but as they left, Bob was offering exit interviews and contact information in case any question or concern was left unanswered.

A composite plan based on the results of the survey was presented, and is posted here under the Public Process tab. While the survey was very informative, some final comments from the community was very helpful in directing the master plan.

More discussions with the committee members and adjustments to the plan are in play now; prioritizing, phasing and pricing the changes to follow. Stay tuned!​


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