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Second Town Meeting

All our efforts in understanding the site, its opportunities, challenges and uniqueness culminated in the past month into a series of 5 concept plans which were presented at this second town meeting. Ron had the task of presenting the previous work to date, our understanding of the site, and what design concepts we attributed to each scheme. A copy of this presentation is available under the Public Process tab of this website, After the presentation, we had an open house showcasing the 5 plans, we talked to the attendees and took comments and questions at this time. Thank you to everyone who showed up! We really appreciate your input. After all the PPMC is for you!

Now our next steps are to collect more feedback and select the best short-term and long-term solutions for the redesign of the Park, Playstead and Municipal Complex. More detailed explanations and graphics of design strategies are to come!


Andover P/P/MC

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